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Black River Imaging Announces New Ordering Software - PPA Today

Black River Imaging Announces New Ordering Software

Black River Imaging has announced a new ordering software called Cascade. By allowing three-dimensional, real-time previews of an album or book, Cascade is the software for photographers tired of using poorly designed, complicated ordering software that eats away time and patience.
At its core, Cascade's virtual interface allows the photographer to build and flip through an album or book in 3-D. The user can visualize the cover colors, textures and inside pages as they would appear when actually printed and bound. Photographers can drag and drop layouts they have created on their own, or have the ability to create on the fly with a large library of select layouts for the perfect fit.
Cascade has a direct and clear ordering experience, elminating all worry and guesswork. And that includes pricing. Cascade tallies the cost along the way, allowing each photographer to make better business decisions about which options to include or not.
The ability to visually access photos, templates and layouts in a single screen means clutter is avoided. Black River Imaging has removed the confusion associated with clicking through tabs and separate windows to find a desired element. Cascade also allows multiple albums and book designs in one order, and the ability to add a sample version of an album or book at checkout, without having to rebuild or restart the order.
Black River Imaging has been serving professional photographers for 40 years, offering photo albums and wall prints, as well as novelty and sports products. Live chat and customer service is available Monday through Friday, 8:00am-10:00pm CST on its website,, or by phone at 1-888-321-4665.

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