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American Color Imaging Opens Custom Frame Company - PPA Today

American Color Imaging Opens Custom Frame Company

American Color Imaging (ACI) has announced that their custom framing is now open in conjunction with their professional color lab.

"We know that professional photographers want to offer the complete package," said ACI President Mark Lane. "So we knew that a professional, custom frame division was the perfect complement to the professional portrait."

ACI is carrying 70 frame styles in stock along with 19 stock mats. Over 1,000 frame styles will be available for special order. All stock mat choices are acid free and Conservation Glass (99% UV) is also available.

"Everything will be assembled and completely finished," said Lane. "Paper backing, hanging wire, wall guards - everything. We've even developed special packaging for the finished frames."

Lane emphasized that while custom framing isn't always the least expensive, "We will be competitive," he said. "We want to make it great quality so our customers will be proud to sell this to their clients. Because it will be offered through professional photographers, it's a one-stop shop for the consumer, rather than taking the print to a second location for framing."

Framing is online and ready for ordering. It's as easy as choosing the framing catalog in ACI's onPrint PRO ordering software.

"This is just the beginning for our Framing Division" said Craig Monson, ACI's Marketing Manager. "There will be many more matting and framing products and services rolling out over the coming months, and you can see it all unfold online at You'll want to check the website often to see all these great new options!"

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