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The PRINT Movement: Inspiring Photographers to Print More

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By Lisa Sharer

As 2017 comes to a close, let's reflect on a year in the Print Movement. The Print Movement was the brainchild of PPA and several other companies looking to help promote print art in the "new world" (digital world). The Print Movement is designed to help bring photographers together with print industry leaders, and educate everyone on why print is so important to our world.

Since this brainchild was born, the PRINT Movement has built to over 3,000 members strong and has been backed by some amazing companies and their passion to help produce original print art. Without these companies, we would not be able to make a major impact on the industry or on the world! Thank you to all the Partners in the PRINT Movement.

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The Movement has brought new resources to help photographers who want to be Print Artists. Specifically, a customizable brochure to help explain to clients the need to print their images, as well as a handy space to include pricing.

When photographers are really trying to speak to clients, or to other photographers, to get them on board with Print, nothing says "DO IT!" like a video. This is why you can now access a video library that speaks to both the clients and to photographers about the Print Movement. Some videos are designed to market the idea for clients, while others show you why printing makes a difference for a photographer's bottom line.??In addition, the Print Movement has gathered content from around the world: videos, articles and even comic strips to help drive the idea. The PRINT Movement will continue to aggregate the most poignant content for photographers and partners alike to use as the Movement grows.

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With strong supporters, like the world-renowned Anne Geddes and past PPA Charities President Mary Fisk-Taylor, the Movement is sure to make waves. As we move into the next year, we will continue to collect and share resources and information, as they become available, that will help move the industry (and more importantly, people) to start printing more.

If you know someone that hasn't yet joined the movement, make sure to send them to today!


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