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PPA/NEIPP Scholarship Winners Announced: Congratulations to Genevieve Buck and Meri Bond! - PPA Today

PPA/NEIPP Scholarship Winners Announced: Congratulations to Genevieve Buck and Meri Bond!

Genevieve has attended the New England Institute for Professional Photographers (NEIPP) for the past 2 years and eagerly awaits another exciting year. She feels NEIPP has been instrumental in her growth, providing her with new skills, knowledge and the resources to be even better at what she does.

From the time her dad handed her his old Minolta when she was a young girl, Genevieve has been passionate about photography. While photography wasn't always her primary career, it was a part of everything she did. She began photographing students in her school and progressed into taking the school portraits. It wasn't long before she knew this is what she was meant to do.

Genevieve would love to work in Europe someday, photographing a children's clothing line at an iconic location such as the Eiffel Tower. In the meantime, she'll continue to learn from her successful peers (who are now close friends) and explore new directions in photography through NEIPP.

Meri spent many years searching for her calling. She has an expansive resume of successful culinary ventures--from  a gourmet eatery in Newton Centre, MA to her award-winning bakery, Buns of Boston, which supplied amazing sticky buns to Starbucks, Trader Joe's and a host of local coffee bars.

During a much needed vacation by a lake, Meri had the opportunity to reflect on the things in life that made her most happy. She recognized that her creative side had yet to be explored. While she wasn't sure exactly what KIND of creative field she should choose, she felt confident it was the direction she was looking for. She sold her business and decided to follow her passion, which she quickly realized was photography.

Meri had no idea how to make a living with photography, but knew it spoke to her in a visceral way that nothing else ever had. Her primary business is special events and business photography, but she'd love to grow her family portrait portfolio and develop her outdoor photography skills.

Congratulations again to both Genevieve and Meri! We hope your NEIPP experience brings you one step closer to your photography dreams!

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