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PPA Participates in Annual Summit for Visual Arts Associations - PPA Today

PPA Participates in Annual Summit for Visual Arts Associations

By Lindsey Forson

Running a successful photography business is no easy task! Professional photographers are required to keep so many balls in the air: marketing, budgeting, scheduling, studio management, professional development, legal matters, and of course there's photography. That's why PPA is here to provide support on virtually every aspect of your photography business.
One especially difficult area to navigate is the complex and ever-changing legal landscape that affects photography businesses. This is why PPA strives to keep photographers educated on the most important issues and works tirelessly to fight for your rights through our advocacy work.

Because the photographic industry is so diverse, it is vital that all stakeholders work together to promote strong copyright law and to advocate for other issues affecting small photography businesses. We can accomplish much more on Capitol Hill when we have a united voice across the visual arts industries. This is why PPA organized an industry-wide visual arts briefing on the Hill last month. And this is the reason we work closely with other visual arts associations to advocate for you!

PPA's CEO, David Trust, and PPA's Copyright and Government Affairs Coordinator, Lindsey Forson, participated this week in our annual summit for visual arts associations. PPA sat around a table along with representatives from the American Photographic Artists, the American Society of Media Photographers, the Digital Media Licensing Association, the Graphic Artists Guild, the North American Nature Photography Association, the National Press Photographers Association, and the PLUS coalition. We also collectively met with, Keith Kupferschmid - the new CEO of the Copyright Alliance, of which PPA is a member, to discuss how the Alliance can continue to support our advocacy efforts in D.C.

The summit resulted in established collective legislative priorities for 2016 and planned advocacy strategies for the upcoming year. We also planned for joint educational efforts and awareness campaigns. All of the associations agree with PPA that the top advocacy priority for the coming years is the creation of a small claims process for copyright enforcement. We will also collectively advocate for the modernization of the U.S. Copyright Office and for repairs to our nation's one-size-fits-all copyright registration system. There are other important issues that we plan to address through unique efforts such as the expansion of fair use and mass digitization issues.

PPA continues to receive an extremely optimistic response from the House Judiciary Committee regarding our priorities. We know that Copyright Small Claims and Copyright Office Modernization are among the top priorities for many members of the Committee. PPA expects 2016 to be a very important year concerning improvements to our nation's copyright system, and we hope to actually see legislation proposed on these important issues. Be sure to stay tuned to PPA's Advocacy Coverage ( in the coming year to learn how you can help - and Be More Protected!

Lindsey Forson is PPA's Copyright & Government Affairs Coordinator. She works with members on a daily basis addressing copyright questions and works closely with our CEO to advocate for professional photographers on Capitol Hill and to keep members informed on the issues that affect their businesses. She's new to Atlanta and spends most of her free time exploring the city (restaurants, markets, parks); spends three nights a week playing soccer and is a huge Auburn fan.

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