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What we know about 2008 - PPA Today

What we know about 2008


Dear PPA Member,

We know that in 2008:

  • Business will be tougher.
  • Markets will change.
  • Technology will evolve at a rapid pace.
  • Copyrights will be endangered.
  • Over zealous clients will sue photographers.
  • Expenses will go up.

Just remember, we can counteract these happenings if we work together. Consider adding your business resolutions to PPA’s New Year’s Resolutions:

  • PPA will make greater use of the Benchmark Financial Survey data, supplying you with information to help expand your business.
  • You can make use of that information (in the Members-Only area of to help plan and operate your business. Don’t just download it—read and use it. (And watch early in 2008 for PPA’s special online seminars focused on increasing your profitability.)
  • PPA will continue to enhance the Sweepstakes Marketing Co-op. Members who used it reported great success in 2007.
  • You can join in and get the information you need to add more sizzle to your own marketing in ’08 (
  • Professional Photographer magazine will keep you informed about the latest changes in technology and how you can use it in your business.
  • You can help your business by keeping yourself informed, making sure your spam blocker doesn’t stop important PPA e-mails, and updating your contact data.
  • PPA lobbying teams will stay on Capital Hill, making sure that your voice and concerns are known when it comes to copyright and health care reforms. We will keep a sharp eye open for potential changes in the law that can hurt your bottom line.
  • You can stand ready to take part in contacting Senators, Congressmen, etc.
  • In 2007, PPA’s unique Malpractice Protection Program, the Indemnification Trust, defended over 600 photographers—a 20% increase—who had a problem covering an assignment. In 2008, we will ensure that the Trust is financially strong and will be there to help you when something unexpected goes wrong. In 2008, we will ensure that the Trust is financially strong and will be there to help you when something unexpected goes wrong.
  • You can ensure that you back up data, have model releases on hand, and always have a written agreement with your client.

On top of everything else we resolve to do, remember that the cost of membership in PPA is still less today than it was in 1999. Our vow to you: the Value of Membership will increase, but dues will not go up in 2008.

Wishing you a prosperous New Year,

Al Hopper
Director of Membership, Copyright & Government Affairs

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