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Use benefits to customize your membership


Dear PPA Member,

Look your best in your PPA membership by “custom fitting” it to your photography business.

PPA understands that one size doesn’t fit all, and we encourage you to customize your personal membership package to fit your needs. Because the benefit programs are continually changing to add greater value, you should regularly check the Benefits page at or click Here are a few things you might consider:

  • Need to get paid? Take credit card payments from clients: 1.55% rate + 21 cents per transaction, no application fee, no monthly minimum.
  • Need marketing?  Take advantage of your FREE online portfolio in the Find-a-Photographer search engine, powered by Customize your listing to make it easier for customers to find you in a search.
  • Need computer equipment?  Get the equipment you need from Dell…with a PPA discount.
  • Need to be more profitable?  Take advantage of the information in the Financial Survey to understand how other studios increase their profits (
  • Need a good price for good health insurance? Association Health Programs has multiple health insurance options.
  • Need good, quality music for your DVDs & CDs without violating a copyright or costing you an arm and a leg?  Checkout the deals at (custom-recorded, lyric-based music) and (quality royalty-free music).
  • Need photo education? Get Ed Pierce’s PhotoVision DVDs virtually free, and absorb info and ideas designed for seasoned professionals and aspiring photographers alike…on your own time.
  • Need to insure your equipment and your business? Use the policies designed for professional photographers (from Marsh Affinity).

The above isn’t the entire list of what PPA does, but we hope it is interesting enough to make you look. You can get a custom-fitted membership simply by using the benefits we provide and you need. Helping you look and feel good in business is what PPA is all about.


Al Hopper
Director of Membership, Copyright & Government Affairs

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