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PPA Launches "See the Difference" Campaign

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PPA members asked for it, and we're doing it! PPA is launching a consumer-focused campaign called "See the Difference," targeted to wedding couples, seniors and families to reinforce the value of professional photography. Online advertising and social media will drive prospects to specialized landing pages. The wedding-focused landing page can be viewed at (Landing pages featuring senior photography and family/children portraiture will follow.)

These special landing pages will highlight articles, image galleries, videos, tutorials and search capabilities linked to our exclusive PPA Find-a-Photographer database. We are also researching the use of vertical websites and targeted e-mail marketing. Of course, we'll be pushing the campaign through PPA social media channels, and we hope that PPA members will help us get the word out through blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

What can you do? (Or don't do?)
Do Update Your Find-A-Photographer Profile
As we're directing consumers to Find-a-Photographer, make sure your profile is up to date with your logo, headshot and your most stunning sample images! (Please note: Aspiring PPA members are not listed in the Find-a-Photographer database.)

Here's an idea of the traffic we're hoping to drive to Find-a-Photographer: During our test campaign in June (10 days long), we generated 1,615 clicks and 2,499,474 impressions! Over 200 of those visitors conducted searches on the Find-a-Photographer database and about 20% were reading the articles about selecting a professional.

Don't Click It!
You may see our ads on Google, Facebook and other online sites. Please don't click on the ads (we know it's tempting, but...), as we will incur costs for those clicks and it will make our tracking data inaccurate. (Ad copy is based on high-performing keywords.)

Want to Help?
The initial images, video and testimonials that you see on the bridal landing page will give you an idea of the types of content that we will be adding to and updating as frequently as possible. And we need your help to do so!

We'd like to thank the following PPA members who have given so generously of their time and talents to the campaign so far:

Jeff and Julia Woods
Cliff Mautner
Trevor and Tourine Johnstone
Suzanne Sheridan
Michael Priestap
Daniel Doke
Mark Campbell
Dawn McCarthy
Leanne Reis
David Esquire
Wes Wilson
Dave Grupa
Tony Corbell
Lori Reeder
Dave Cooper
Jeff Hawkins
Randall Elley
Michael Thompson
Milovan "Miles" Andonov
Michael Broyles
Michael and Rebecca Zoumberos
Wendy Rouleau
Heather Smith
Susan Michal

We hope that more PPA members will help us keep content fresh by submitting articles and images for the galleries

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