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Maximize your Benefits


The price of gas is up, the news is filled with gloomy economics, and consumers are holding tight to their wallets. No, it isn’t time to panic, but it might be time to hunker down—to dig in and ride out the storm.

When money gets tight, it is important to examine your expenses, keeping them as low as possible without hurting your ability to attract business. One way to help is by maximizing your use of PPA benefits.

Consider the following:

  • Take credit card payments (at a low cost) – Your clients are likely trying to spread out expenses. So offering them the opportunity to pay on a credit card is valuable to your business (they can even gain reward points with many cards). At the same time, you need to do this at the lowest possible expense. How does 1.55% and only 20 cents per transaction sound to you? As a member, you can get this competitive rate for processing payments through Midwest Transaction Group. 
  • Get insurance – Working without insurance on your equipment and your business (general business liability coverage) is like a trapeze artist working without a net. We work hard to make sure you have a good net available at a low cost. It just makes good sense to compare the insurance plans available to members only.
  • Access the Allied Business Network discount programs – Because you made a smart decision in joining PPA, you can use these various discounts. From car rental discounts to promotional items, you can keep your necessary expenses low.
  • Take advantage of your huge educational discount for our new webinars (online seminars) – All you need is a computer with Internet connection, and you have a first-row seat to excellent business education. The next upcoming webinar is April 21, on 2007 Financial Success Stories. Listen and learn how photographers like you turned their businesses into profit centers.

Ok, these benefits sound good. But you may ask yourself, “Do member discounts really work?”  Here is what Debra Gaines of Edgartown, Mass. recently told us:      

“My local quote for liability insurance was over $1,000, but I was able to secure a policy through PPA for $250.  I kid you not. And their freight account via Roadway has already saved me over $1,000 in freight costs. The dues are so minimal for the benefits!”

What you can save on specific items will vary based on geography and your particular situation. But with the long list of discount programs, you can find ways to keep your expenses as low as possible.

You owe to yourself and your business to maximize your benefits, and it is easy to check them out: Visit the Members Only area at (use your last name and PPA ID number to gain access). Then click the Benefits of Membership tab on the left. It is your gateway to learning how to lower your expenses.

We will keep working hard to bring  you savings and opportunities, for we are in this together.


Al Hopper
Director of Membership, Copyright  & Government Affairs

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