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Can you imagine?


Can you imagine calling grieving parents to tell them that because of a computer problem, the beautiful photos you took of them with their deceased infant were lost?

Sandy Puc’ of Littleton, Colorado, faced that possible scenario last month. Sandy, one of the co-founders of the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep foundation, experienced a hard drive crash due to an electrical storm…before any  backups could be created. After unsuccessfully using local resources to try and recover some data, she turned to PPA and DriveSavers. Thankfully, DriveSavers was able to recover the lost files, and Sandy didn’t have to face a heartbreaking conversation with those parents.

While Sandy’s data loss happened in conjunction with an assignment, DriveSavers can help you with a variety of seemingly impossible problems. You can get help recovering accounting records, client calendars or your customer mailing list...just don’t forget the PPA discount.

That’s right, PPA has a discount set up for data recovery! DriveSavers is the premier U.S. company for recovering data from hard drives, media cards, RAID systems, iPods, CDs and more. And through our special arrangements, PPA members get a 20% discount on DriveSavers services. What’s more, members don’t pay a thing if the data isn’t recovered. To get the special ID number, go to the Business Discount page in the Members-Only area at Use your last name and PPA ID number to gain access to the Members-Only area.

Is data recovery important?  Sandy will tell you herself: “DriveSavers recovered the files! I cannot believe it! I am a believer.”

You never know when you’ll need that kind of backup. You can try to prevent data loss by backing up your work as soon as possible on removable media. But hard drives don’t last forever—you need a Plan B when the backup procedures fail. Luckily, like Sandy, members can turn to PPA and DriveSavers. After all, PPA has been backing up photographers since 1880.

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