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Business is getting tougher - PPA Today

Business is getting tougher


The photography business is getting tougher. It was never easy being a small business owner, but when the economy is slowing—or if your customers think it is slowing—business  gets even more daunting.

Overcoming the periods of economic uncertainty is difficult, but we want you to know that PPA is always on your side and working to help you and your business. Now is not the time to be working without the protection of PPA’s unmatched Malpractice Protection program (the Indemnification Trust), without PPA’s numerous discount programs, or without important information like marketing trends.

And membership in PPA is easier than ever…giving you access  to such benefits.

Did you know you can pay PPA dues in small, monthly payments? It’s easy, convenient, and doesn’t take a chunk out of your checking account! PPA simply charges a credit card number each month for a small portion of your dues. Many members who use the monthly installment plan—about 20% of PPA’s total membership—tell us that the convenience is as important as the small payments.

For most members, this installment plan equates to just $23.75* each month.  For members in the Aspiring category, the cost is only $13* per month!

When it is time to renew, you can easily switch to the  monthly plan by contacting PPA’s Service   Center (800-786-6277 or

In addition, keep your eyes on these weekly e-mails. In the upcoming months, we will change the focus to bring you more specific information on how to weather the economic storm. During tough times, we turn to our friends and family for support. And as a member, you are part of the PPA family.


Al Hopper
Director of Membership, Copyright & Government Affairs

* Please note that the $50 Malpractice Protection Fee is paid along with the first month’s payment for a total of $73.75 (or $63 in the Aspiring category) for the first month only. From then on, Professional Active members pay just $23.75 per month ($13 for Aspiring) with the monthly plan.


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