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Benefits Update: Even more photographer-friendly features on Broken Joey Records - PPA Today

Benefits Update: Even more photographer-friendly features on Broken Joey Records

As one of the great PPA member benefits, Broken Joey Records gives PPA members exclusive discounts on licensing their high-quality original songs. And they're always expanding their offerings! For instance, they listened to you at the last Imaging USA (January 2008) and have added new music in styles requested. They've also made finding and licensing their songs even easier with new technology and licensing terms.

New Music

First and foremost is always the music itself. President Joe Refano remembers his Imaging USA 2008 experience: "We spoke with hundreds of PPA members, and we received some very interesting requests for types and styles of music."

  • Christian Music
    The most requested type was Christian music of any kind. "Photographers are looking for all types of music with Christian themes, so we have endeavored to offer a large selection to PPA members who may have this need," Refano says. "We have begun to upload the music of Al and Leah Cuffey, prominent composers-producers-artists with a large Christian catalogue. Soon, many of their tracks will be available for licensing." 

    In addition to their own Christian and secular music, the Cuffeys also record and produce a wide variety of independent artists from rap to hip-hop, Latin, rock, and country with Christian themes.

  • Latin Music
    The second most requested type of music was Latin. "There are numerous styles from great old-school to Latin hip-hop that we are looking into--in both vocal and instrumental--and we are speaking with several artists in an effort to fill this need as well," Refano adds.
  • Retro and Pop Rock Music
    "I was very surprised by the number of requests I received for Retro and Pop rock, too," continues Refano. "We have recently done some work with New York composer-artist Mike Ponella. His style harkens back to the pop sounds of the 1960s: melodic, warm, and charming songs with a sense of style from an earlier time."

    Check out "The Honeymoon Song" and "Baby's Lullabye," new songs from Mike Ponella that may be useful for photographers like you!

  • More Great Music
    Speaking of great music, check out Ken McGorry. The popular country rocker has gone through his private vault of recordings and dug up some great songs from the '70s and '80s in many styles from country rock to reggae and pop. His songs combine elegant melodies with insightful lyric content that will enhance any photo or video production. There are over 30 of Ken's "Greatest Hits" available from Broken Joey Records. 

    And if you're into The '80s, check out Vance Brescia's song catalogue (formerly of the Mosquitos; currently with Herman's Hermits, starring Peter Noone), a collection of both rockin' tunes and tender love ballads that work really well with visuals.

New Technology
Broken Joey Records is always looking to new technology to make finding and licensing music easier. When you arrive at the new Broken Joey Records home page, you'll find an easily accessible portal to the Photographers' area. There are links and a search function, as well as all the terms and conditions for use of Broken Joey Records' songs and instrumentals. They've even created a new feature that highlights the work of a photographer client, so you can see and hear what happens when one of the available songs is set to a series of photos.

New Licensing Terms
Lastly, Broken Joey Records has amended their license from a yearly renewal format to an "unlimited usage" plan. Simply put, license a song from Broken Joey Records and use it in as many productions for as long as necessary! Now photographers and videographers can have access to a large and varied song and instrumental collection that is always growing to fill their specific needs.

Why Broken Joey Records?
As you can see, this company has a lot to offer. Because the owners of Broken Joey Records are composers-producers and musicians themselves, they are highly equipped to respond to the needs of the industry. Then add to the mix the many independent artists they represent...and the unique styles, approaches, and perspectives they bring to the table.

By clicking New & Updates on the Broken Joey Records home page, you can always stay in touch with the music projects being produced. Click New Releases, and you can preview the latest music on the site.

Don't see what you need? "We always encourage the photo and video community to suggest the sorts of music productions that they feel are the most useful for their work," concludes Refano. If you have any questions or comments, contact Joe Refano at

About Broken Joey Records
Along with collaborator and partner Paul Brokaw, Joe Refano has written and produced hundreds of songs that have appeared in TV shows and movies. Their work has appeared on The Sopranos, Saturday Night Live, NCIS, The Young & The Restless, Northern Exposure, Ed, Third Rock from the Sun, Montel, Inside the NFL, Oprah, Chris Issak Show, Passions, America's Most Wanted, All My Children, Maury Povich, The Beach Boys: An American Family, Summerland, Any Day Now, and a host of others. They have created a strategic alliance with PPA to offer members a special 20% discount. Visit Broken Joey Records at

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