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Add Some Sizzle to Your Marketing


Dear PPA Member,

RomangrouplowresInterested in turning even more attention to your business? Want to put some sizzle, pop and excitement into your marketing? You might want to follow the example of Randall Tucker at Hicks Studio in Saginaw, Michigan.

Randall participated in the 2007 Sweepstakes Marketing Co-op. Yesterday, he—along with PPA Board Member Ron Nichols—handed a $20,000 check to a high school senior client in front of several newspaper cameras and at least two TV stations. That client, Roman Cooper of Saginaw, is the grand prize winner of the 2007 Graduate in the Driver’s Seat Sweepstakes (he chose the money instead of the Jeep).

Here is the best part: Your business could get that publicity in 2008.

With the Sweepstakes Marketing Co-op, you can promote an exciting event: a chance to win a new car (for high school seniors), a cruise (for wedding clients) or a Disney family vacation (for family portraits). With these three different sweepstakes, you can pick the one(s) in which you want to participate.

PPA does the legwork, makes sure all the legal requirements are being meet, and lines up the prizes. And when you buy into the Co-op, you also get a complete Sweepstakes Marketing Kit with ideas, tips, and sample materials you can use in your marketing. In 2008, you can even use pre-made brochures and postcards on the included CD if you wish!

Not every studio will be fortunate enough to have a client win like Randall did, but you can benefit from the buzz if you play it right. Find out more at

Putting together programs that help members grow their businesses…isn’t this what membership is all about?


Al Hopper
Director of Membership, Copyright & Government Affairs

P.S. Destination: Disney Family Vacation Sweepstakes and the Escape to Paradise Cruise Sweepstakes winners will be announced in January 2008.

Image ©Brad Hawks, M.Photog.,CPP from Hicks Studio, Fenton, MI

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