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A photographic legal emergency - PPA Today

A photographic legal emergency


Dear PPA Member,

Ryan Brown of Ryan Brown Photography in Lee Summit, Missouri, recently faced a “mom-zilla,” a mother of the bride who made outrageous demands and threatened to bring her attorney the next day. But Ryan knew where to turn.

Most photographers don’t have a legal department in their studio, but with PPA, you have legal information and resources to draw on when you need it. Because this situation had the potential to fall under PPA’s unique Indemnification Trust, a Malpractice Protection program, those Trust attorneys quickly contacted Ryan. Thanks to this response, he had the support and information he needed to deal with this difficult problem. 

In Ryan’s words:

She [the mother of the bride] would be at the studio at 10:00 am with her attorney.  We were able to get the appointment changed to 1:00pm.  By then, I had contacted PPA, had the Chicago [law] firm contact me, was given legal advice, and had a legal agreement drawn up and e-mailed to me.  At the meeting, I used the advice given.  Her attorney was stunned. I received everything that I wanted, including a signed agreement with her attorney as a witness.

Can you imagine what this legal assistance would have cost Ryan—even if he had an attorney standing by to help? Luckily, he was a PPA member because assistance like this is another membership benefit. PPA can also help you stay ahead of legal challenges. Just visit the Member’s Only Download page for sample contracts, releases, license agreements, and more.

Helping members deal with tough problems is a large part of PPA’s job. We aren’t perfect and we can’t make every problem disappear, but you can trust us to answer the phone and do our best to help.


Al Hopper
Director of Membership, Copyright & Government Affairs

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