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A new solution (and an exclusive PPA discount) for preserving your images - PPA Today

A new solution (and an exclusive PPA discount) for preserving your images

As a professional photographer, your images are both your livelihood and your legacy.
These days, however, many photographers are unknowingly placing that livelihood and legacy at risk, by storing images exclusively on digital media. But not to fear, DIGINEG® is a milestone in digital image preservation, and PPA is partnering with them to bring you exclusive discounts.

Shooting digitally is more efficient and economical than shooting with film. Trouble is, digital media are fundamentally unsuitable for long-term archiving. It is likely that many of today's digital images will become unusable and unrecoverable within 10 years. When these images are lost, so are their commercial value and artistic legacy.
To help prevent this, the DIGINEG® unique service uses high-tech film recorders to transfer digitally acquired or digitally born still image or video material to archival-quality 35-mm film. While digital media can degrade in as little as a few years, DIGINEG® can safely preserve your images or data on film for hundreds of years. DIGINEG® serves the unique needs of two professional photographic markets: DIGINEG® PRO (Professional) for wedding, portrait, commercial and all other professional photography specialties and DIGINEG® FAS (Forensic Archive Service) for law enforcement photographers.

Knowing that your image assets will be there to garner future revenues, safeguarding your business, and ensuring your images are available for future enjoyment and resale is important to the archiving management success of every photographer's business. With DIGINEG®, that success can be yours.

And remember: with PPA and DIGINEG®, you receive an exclusive 25% discount off the DIGINEG® PRO (Professional) services.

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