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PPA Members Save with Sticky Albums

Sticky Albums example album.jpgWhen's the last time you heard of a client that carried around an album you expertly crafted on their behalf to show to everyone they come in contact with? Sure, we hear the occasional urban legend about fanatic clients--and love each and every one of them. But what if every single one of your clients could carry around an album of your images to show to friends, families and the strangers in the endless coffee house line with ease? There should be an app for that--right?

Right! Introducing Sticky Albums, the smartest marriage of the mobile revolution and word-of-mouth referrals, resulting in the ability to offer a custom photo app to every client complete with your branding, contact information and special promotions to live on their individual smart phones or tablets and to be easily shared with others. Simply go to to upload and customize your images, add your contact info and logo, and launch your album to be enjoyed by your clients and all the people they just can't help sharing it with. Fantastic--right?

Right! But wait, there's more! PPA Members can now enjoy $60 off Sticky Album's Pro Annual Membership Plan, designed for professional photographers to create an unlimited number of albums each year to give away to your best clients to increase referrals or add as an investment incentive to increase print sales. PPA members can log in to learn more here.

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