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Top December Posts from theLoop - PPA Today

Top December Posts from theLoop

2015 is officially done and you're already on your way to the most successful, profitable, amazing year yet! To kick 2016 off on the right foot, check out the top discussions taking place on theLoop!

Do you design your wedding photo books for your clients? If so, what websites or software do you use? Chime in on this thread to share what's worked for you! 

Working in a situation where there are multiple photographers doing portraits can cause a kerfuffle with your lighting set up. Have you had your strobes pop because of the speedlights around you? Join this thread to see what works, what doesn't, and how to all play nice in a tight space!

Having troubles with the latest Photoshop CC update? One PPA photographer's liquefy tool is no longer working - could it be the update or has her video card gone stale? Weigh in here!

Using fog/smoke inside your studio can be challenging - from safety to clean up, all of your options present some draw back. Which do you prefer? Join this great conversation on coming up with creative solutions! PPA Members, In Studio Smoke/Fog Effects

It's the age old question: laptop or desktop? Which do you prefer? Pros and cons? If you're an Apple user, help this PPA Member with their big purchase!

The bad news is you're slammed with time management, marketing and everything else. How do you balance it all? Whether you've been there before or just wanted to be prepared for your best year yet - this is a great thread!

Do you work with corporate clients that have you sign away your copyright? What would happen if you stopped offering that as a part of your business? There are great anecdotes in this awesome thread! Chime in with your thoughts today!

Looking for a new source for frames or do you have a favorite you'll always stick with? Weigh in as one member looks for a new vendor for ready-made options that are nicer than your run-of-the-mill box store.

Remember to check out theLoop, a safe and protected online community where PPA members can discuss a range of photography topics. Not a PPA member, join here!

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Sarah Ackerman manages all things social media for PPA and Imaging USA. When she's not living on the internet, she loves improv comedy, going on wilderness adventures, gallivanting around the globe, knitting, wood working and yoga.

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