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Accuphoto - Exclusive PPA Member Benefit - Launches May 31st - PPA Today

Accuphoto - Exclusive PPA Member Benefit - Launches May 31st

Accuphoto.comIf you are looking to expand your client base and get some free marketing along the way, look no further than Accuphoto. When it launches on May 31, 2010, this unique service will provide verified professional images to members of the online dating community and social networking sites at a fixed price. This is an exclusive PPA member benefit--only PPA members can become Accuphoto Photographers.

Accuphoto was started by Brenda Kirkland, a PPA member who had tried out the online dating scene and was disappointed by the abundance of poor quality (or inaccurate) profile pictures that people were using. First impressions make a huge impact, especially on an online dating site, so Brenda decided to do something about it.

"As a professional photographer and PPA member myself, I thought of what a large network of photographers we have within PPA, and how we can make a difference and help these singles create that 'best first impression,'"explains Kirkland.

Beginning on May 31st, Accuphoto will begin advertising with eHarmony, Facebook and other media outlets around the U.S. Individuals who are interested in having a professional profile picture can contact Accuphoto and be connected with PPA members (who are Accuphoto Photographers) in their area. The individual will select their PPA photographer, have their images taken and choose the images they would like to use on their online profile.

It's completely free for PPA members to join and become Accuphoto Photographers. And since Accuphoto markets to millions of online daters (and your potential future clients!), you get your studio name out there at no cost to you. For each client you book through Accuphoto, you will earn $65. And if you upsell to the client, you get to keep 100 percent of the profits.

 "Accuphoto is based on a dual benefit--helping singles make successful matches and helping photographers," says Kirkland. After all, you are building relationships with people who may be on the verge of a new commitment, possibly even marriage and the start of a family.

Become one of the 1,300 PPA members who have already signed up to become an Accuphoto Photographer. To register or get more information about Accuphoto, visit (and make sure to have your PPA Member ID# -- you'll need that to sign up).

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