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Posing Secrets of the Red Carpet, A How-To Guide On Photographing Strangers, and Three Unique Ideas for Improved Composition: Our Top Ten Blog Post of April 25- April 29 - PPA Today

Posing Secrets of the Red Carpet, A How-To Guide On Photographing Strangers, and Three Unique Ideas for Improved Composition: Our Top Ten Blog Post of April 25- April 29

By Aleighia Rouse


Poof! April has come and gone, but the photography industry is making new changes every day. At PPA, we want to make sure that you are staying abreast to all things photography that happened this week. Here are our top 10 blog posts of the week!


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'Shark Tank' Star Robert Herjavec's Top 5 Small-Business Marketing Tips

MARKETING HELP: Looking to start or even expand your business but need some tips on where to start? Look no further than Robert Herjavec, he started his business from the ground up, in this article learn how he did it and how you can do the same through simple marketing changes and additives.


The Complete Guide to Color Management: Color Made Easy

POST PRODUCTION: We all know how boring color management can be, well it just got a lot more exciting thanks to PPA photographer Jeff Rojas.  Check this article and learn how to manage color and take a crash course in color displays, analyzing your environment, and much more.


Posing Secrets of the Red Carpet
BEAUTY PORTRAITS:  How do celebrities look so fabulous in every red carpet photo that you see? Well check out this article to find out how, PPA photographer Megan DiPiero discusses anything from body positions to actual shot compositions.


A How- To Guide On Photographing Strangers 

BREAKING THE SHELL: It can be an awkward thing walking up to strangers, especially because you never know what to expect. But taking pictures of strangers is a great way to exercise your skills and practice, even as a professional. In this article Jeff Rojas sits down with Miguel Quiles to discuss some tips on how to approach strangers to take their photo.


Improve your Landscape Photography with this Step-By-Step Seascape Guide

REFERENCES: This is for all our landscape photographers out there. We know your job isn't just taking pictures of random objects and infrastructures; it is much bigger than that. It's nice to have some people that understand that struggle. This article gives a play-by-play of all aspects of landscape photography, from settings to technique.


Three Unique Ideas for Improved Compositions
ADVANCED PORTRAIT POSITION: Everyday a new feature or technological advance is added to the pot of the photography industry. In this article, PhotographyTalk goes beyond the normal suggestions of "rule of thirds" or "include foreground interest" when it comes to shot composition. Delve into some lesser-known compositional tips so you know how to create a stunning image.


How Do You Balance Family Time While Establishing Your Business

BUSINESS & LIFESTYLE: Balancing home life and work life can be a very difficult, especially when you are a photographer and a business owner all at once. In this Fstopper article they discuss finding a median between work and home life and how to do it successfully.


How to Harness the Power of the Midday Sun for Your Photos

STAY INFROMED: The dreaded midday sun is not only the hottest part of the day but can create a harsh light for your images. In this article learn how to turn that harsh light into a benefit for your session, though a close aperture, dynamic settings and using your shadows to your advantage.


Photog Kicked Off Plane for Trying to Be a Responsible Drown Owner

DRONES: Recently, a photographer was kicked off a plan, not for carrying dangerous materials or taking pictures when he wasn't allowed but for being a "responsible drone owner." Learn how to avoid situations similar to this one and get tips that'll help you avoid going through something.


Maintaining Creativity with Personal Projects

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX: Learn a few tips from pro Skip Cohen's interview with Vincent Laforet on how creativity can advance your career, business and personal projects. In this podcast he discusses how to hustle, personal projects and mindset, overcoming challenges, and feeling discovery.


There you have it, our weekly blog post roundup! What photography blogs or podcasts do YOU follow? Post your favorite on theLoop or email them to us at OnlineContentCommittee



Aleighia Rouse is a graduating senior at Spelman College and one of PPA's Marketing and Communications intern. She aspires to hold a position just like the amazing people she works around. Aleighia is known by her happy personality and bubbly voice, and with over 6 years of film and photography experience, she can relate to and understand most of the issues faced by PPA photographers.



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