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WEtv and ish Entertainment Seek Photographers' Help for New Show - PPA Today

WEtv and ish Entertainment Seek Photographers' Help for New Show

WEtv and ish Entertainment are currently searching for professional wedding photographers in the Los Angeles area who have "crazy" stories of weddings they've photographed. Did a mishap happen during the wedding itself? Do you have that mishap caught on camera?

This new series will give deserving couples a new wedding with a celebrity event planner. Right now, they are looking for those couples, and you might have a client--or know someone--who fits the bill. The mishap could be small, like an objection at their wedding ceremony, or a disaster like a fire.  Only requirements are, the couple needs to be Los Angeles based (though the wedding could have been anywhere), and there needs to be some sort of documentation (photographs or video) of the mishap.

WEtv is offering a finders fee and special thanks to photographers who refer a chosen couple!

If you're interested, contact Rachel at ish Entertainment at 212-377-3850 for more information.

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