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Sport & Event Photographers Pledge a Stricter Code of Ethics

Every day there are horror stories of children harmed by adults they trust...but sport and event photographers have work with and around kids of all ages. To help photographers in such sensitive situations, the Society of Sport & Event Photographers (SEP) announces a new program: SEP Strictest Code of Ethics.

It's crucial to sport & event photographers' livelihoods that their clients know they are someone they can truly trust. The SEP Strictest Code of Ethics, developed exclusively for SEP members, will help prove themselves as the safest choice. This program requires participants to pass a criminal background check and pledge to follow the new Code of Ethics (see the code at

Once photographers complete the steps, they will receive a certificate with the SEP Strictest Code of Ethics seal of approval. They will also have that seal of approval added to their profile in SEP's Find-a-Photographer search engine and be able to use the seal in their marketing materials, including their Web sites.

In a world of uncertainty, SEP photographers can validate their professionalism with this new, voluntary program. For more information on the SEP Strictest Code of Ethics, please visit


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