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September's Top 5 Discussions on theLoop - PPA Today

September's Top 5 Discussions on theLoop

theLoop, PPA's exclusive social network for professional photographers, has been busy in September! Remember, theLoop is only available to PPA members, so don't worry about asking those tough questions you wouldn't want your clients to see. The best part? Now you can stay connected on-the-go with your pro photographer community, asking (and answering) questions, share ideas and even submit images for a peer critique with theLoop's new app for Android & iPhone devices. 

For those of you who are new to theLoop, or those who haven't had a chance to check-in lately, there are some amazing threads going on as we head into October. Here are our 5 favorites:

Weigh in with the pros and cons of what happens when you're in a situation with low light and no walls or ceiling to bounce from. High ISO? Slow speed? Large aperture? Join the conversation to see how you can improve your craft. 

There was photography before PhotoShop (no really, there was!), but how in the world did they did post editing? See how the industry has changed - consider it a mini history lesson, but with terms like "nose grease".

Sometimes bartering is a part of the business, but some offers are just absurd. What's the worst proposition you've received? 

Do your friends and families try to tell you that Groupon, Living Social, ScoutMob or other deal sites are great ways to boost your business? Check out this thread to give them eloquent reasons why it might hurt more than it helps. 

If you're coming to Imaging USA (and you should!), there's no better way to save some dough than by finding a roommate. Think of it like summer camp, but with better parties, more education and less bugs. Use the Imaging USA thread on theLoop to find a suitable bunk mate and book your room at any of the three IUSA hotels! 


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