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Professional Photographer Magazine Named Best Magazine in the Southeast - PPA Today

Professional Photographer Magazine Named Best Magazine in the Southeast

Professional Photographer, May 2008Professional Photographer magazine is your magazine, the official magazine of Professional Photographers of America (PPA). So when an outside source names it the best magazine of the Southeast, it's a cause for some PPA member pride!

Yes, Professional Photographer won the Magazine Association of the Southeast's highest award, the Grand GAMMA, along with fourteen other GAMMA awards on April 30, 2009. These additional awards included the Gold top spot for General Excellence, Best Single Issue, Best Magazine Website, Best Cover, and Best Photography.

"Professional Photographer...creates a stunning visual impact of print. Add to that the service factor, and you have a magazine that starts and directs a conversation with its intended audience and does that extremely well," said Samir Husni, Ph.D, one of the GAMMA Awards judges. "All things considered, Professional Photographer--through its editorial content, photography, and design--rises to the top of the pot as the cream of the crop."

Professional Photographer's Awards
from the Magazine Association of the Southeast's GAMMA Awards

  • Grand GAMMA: Magazine Association of the Southeast's highest award


  • General Excellence: Best overall packaging, content selection, writing, reporting, design, and illustration.
  • Best Single Issue: November 2008, "How to Do Everything Better"
  • Best Single Cover: May 2008, Michael Spengler
  • Best Photography: January 2008, Howard Schatz
  • Best Magazine Website


  • Best Profile: January 2008, Howard Schatz, by Stephanie Boozer
  • Best Service Journalism: November 2008, "How to Do Everything Better"
  • Best Photography: September 2008, Elizabeth Messina


  • Best Design: Overall
  • Best Single Cover: March 2008, Parker Pfister
  • Best Photography: April 2008, Allison & Jeff Rodgers
  • Best Profile: April 2008, Allison & Jeff Rodgers, by Jeff Kent
  • Best Service Journalism: February 2008, "2008 Hot One Awards," edited by Jeff Kent
  • Best Feature: August 2008, "3 Photographers and a Baby," by Jeff Kent

No one knows the value of Professional Photographer better than you. It's the publication that has been helping you excel in the industry, reporting on the frontlines of technology, business strategies, and artistic skills. The GAMMA Awards recognition is the cherry on top of an already delicious publication.

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