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One Photographer's "Pet" Project Helps Many

fran_reisner_headshot.jpgPhotography is a visual way of communicating everything from memories to emotions. Fran Reisner, M.Photog.Cr., API, of Fran Reisner Photography is also using her photography to speak for those who don't have a voice in upcoming weeks.

During her "The Dogs of Central Park" book signings, this Texas resident will be donating money to local dog rescue and animal care facilities. For example, the April 28 signing in the Frisco, Texas area will benefit Mazie's Mission, a local no-kill rescue organization that will also be in attendance at her event with adoptable dogs. (A portion of the proceeds from the book sales there will also be donated to Mazie's Mission.)

And at future book events (like the May 14 event in New York's Central Park), Reisner plansdogs_cover.jpg to raise money for similar local organizations. Why? Well as Reisner developed her book and talked to the dogs' owners, she was moved. "The community and relationships amongst all those dogs and their owners is amazing," she says. Even more so are the dogs' individual stories, which is one more reason why Reisner (who is not a dog photographer per say) took on this "pet" project.

"I have always felt strongly about giving back to the community, and I've always been a big fan of rescues," says Reisner, the owner of two rescue dogs herself. "And as I was gathering the dogs' stories--from proud bloodlines to emergency rescues--so many owners told me the same thing: 'I thought I was rescuing the dog, but he rescued me.'"

Inspired, Reisner dedicated her book to the numerous rescue organizations who "give so selflessly of their time and efforts on behalf of the millions of helpless animals around the globe."

Do her efforts inspire you? Would you like to use your photography to help out a cause near and dear to your own heart? "There are plenty of opportunities for photographers to do that," says Reisner.

DogsofCentralPark_p070.jpgIn fact, she's taken part in many other charitable efforts with her photography, including photographing children at Bryan's House, an organization that cares for kids affected by HIV. Reisner also organized a group of her fellow Dallas Professional Photographers Association (DPPA) members to set up photo studios for Boys & Girls Clubs. With film donated by Kodak and prints donated by a local lab, those children all received two 5x7 prints for their families. As a group, DPPA also photographed the Dallas-area National Adoption Day families, along with raising funds for other worthy organizations.

"Whether alone or as a group, there is much we can do to make a difference...and I think it's important that we do.  All you have to do is be creative and follow your passion," urges Reisner. "And if you really want to make a change, just keep your mind, heart and eyes open to new possibilities. That's how I was able to see the opportunity in this book."

Visit "The Dogs of Central Park" website to learn more about Reisner's book (part of the book sales proceeds from the site will go to animal rescue organizations).


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