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MTV Casting Call - Young Couples Getting Married in March or April - PPA Today

MTV Casting Call - Young Couples Getting Married in March or April


MTV is casting a brand new documentary series that will feature a young couple (18 - 21-years-old) in the process of getting married. The idea behind this show is to tell a coming of age story, not so much "a wedding story" that you've seen on other networks. These young people have made one of the most important decisions in their life and now must deal with all the stress that comes with it. Within this documentary we will get to know the couple as they proceed through the last few weeks of their wedding planning. We will discuss the issue of age and marriage with the couple and their parents...does age matter or not? Of course the highlight of the show will be the couple's wedding day and the celebration of their marriage. As producers, we would be completely supportive of the young couple and remain true to their story, this is NOT a reality show!

We are specifically looking for a cute, articulate bride and groom both 18 - 21-years-old. Ideally, they will be getting married in March or April. I apologize that this deadline is so tight. This is a nationwide search only (within the 48 states). We will travel to the couple to capture them in their own environment. However, the nature of the show does not allow us to give the couple anything to participate, but we would be happy to give the couple a copy of the show that will be shared with our viewers. Also, our small crew would always be discrete and not distract from the couple, especially on their big day!

If this sounds interesting to you or you know of a couple that fits the above description, please contact me ASAP. Stephanie Gholam, Casting Director -

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