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in memory…Arthur J. Reed, Jr., Cr.Photog. - PPA Today

in memory…Arthur J. Reed, Jr., Cr.Photog.


Artreed_3 Art Reed, retired from Eastman Kodak, passed away on January 16, 2008. Art, who was 82, died from complications while hospitalized for a fall. He is survived by his wife, Marj, two children and two grandchildren. Art was a honorary life member of SEPPA, Georgia and Florida Professional Photography Associations and a long-time PPA and PMA member.

He graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology and began his professional photographic career in Auburn, NY. He was invited to join the Eastman Kodak Co. for a 35-year career—in both the domestic and international markets—and retired in Atlanta as Regional Manager. He is remembered for his patriotism as a WWII veteran and a citizen, one who had great pride in being a member of the Kodak corporate family. Art understood the value of relationships and was committed to helping others.

Art recognized that the needs of the professional photography market, as well as his staff’s, were constantly changing. He is credited with coining the phrase “we have to remain rigidly flexible!” “Find out what keeps your customer awake at night and then go fix it” was another favorite that led to improved customer satisfaction.

The world and the photographic industry have lost a true gentleman and a devoted friend with the passing of Art Reed.

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