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DC Photographers Reveal Hidden Treasures In "Washington: More than Monuments" at Dulles International Airport - PPA Today

DC Photographers Reveal Hidden Treasures In "Washington: More than Monuments" at Dulles International Airport

Twenty members of the Professional Photographers Society of Greater Washington captured 46 near mystical moments in lesser-known landscapes around the nation's capitol. Now through December 2011 visitors to the Dulles International Airport "C" Gateway Gallery may enjoy these unique reflections of modern Washington -- images even DC natives will find fresh and inspiring.

blanken_blog.jpgCurated by the Arts Council of the Washington Metro Transit Authority, this fine photography exhibit titled: "Washington: More Than Monuments" aims to invigorate appreciation for the natural beauty of the metro area and the creative mastery of its local photographers.

"Washington is far more than government architecture and monuments to dead presidents," says Robert N. Blanken, CPP, Cr. Photog., president of PPSGW. "This exhibit tells the compelling story of a vital, richly diverse and captivating community from the Chesapeake Bay to the Blue Ridge, from Baltimore to Mt. Vernon."

Displayed through large (36x48"), full-color light boxes in the connector walkway between the AeroTrain C-Gates station and Concourse C, the pictures vividly divulge each artist's perspective on local environs. "One of the challenges of being a photographer is that almost everything has been done before. So what does today's photography artists have to contribute?" asks Blanken. "The job is to free up something from reality and bring it into a picture so you create something more memorable that adds to the appreciation of what you photograph. The scene calls you as the photographer. You're in a dance with the scene, an adventurous interaction with the environment."


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