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New Resources for Copyright Creators and Users Alike


On September 13, Columbia Law School launched as a way to help creators, like photographers, navigate copyright law. Ultimately, the site hopes to enable creators to proactively control their copyrights and learn to integrate copyright management into their business practices.

The site includes information on how to protect, manage and enforce your copyright under U.S. law. Two unique features of this website are a glossary of terms and an overview of copyright related contracts. Remember, although managed by Columbia Law School, the site is purely informational and should not be considered legal advice as every situation is unique.

Also released in September are workbooks and activities aimed at the next generation of creators and copyright users. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) asks children as young as kindergarten to “Join the Copyright Team!” by engaging them in creative projects and educational activities. The group has also created materials geared at educating parents and teachers alike.

A similar workbook entitled “The Arts and Copyright” was published by the World Intellectual Property Organization as the next installment in a series of free publications. The Learn from the Past, Create the Future series is aimed at educating 9 to 14 years olds in intellectual property. Similar to the program launched by ESA The Arts and Copyright uses a series of educational activities and creative projects to educate young people on the dos and don’ts of intellectual property law.

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