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New Perk for PPA Members: Significant Discounts to Help You Showcase Your Images Online With Zenfolio - PPA Today

New Perk for PPA Members: Significant Discounts to Help You Showcase Your Images Online With Zenfolio

zenfolioblogscreencap.jpgAs a photographer, do the technical aspects of launching or re-designing your website keep you up at night?

For most of us in today's market, having a website and being able to sell photography online is essential to our success. To help avoid potential web-related nightmares, a lot of photographers rely on Zenfolio because it's an easy and affordable solution to take the guess work out of designing a website or selling images on the web!

"Zen-what," some of you may ask? It's a subscription-based service with a toolbox that allows you to quickly create a professional website with photos and slideshows that can be shared with your clients, as well as an easy-breezy print-ordering system. But there's more to Zenfolio than the image gallery sharing/print order feature!

The different subscription packages all allow you to professionally present your images and run your online business through a single convenient platform. Options range from portfolio gallery, secured client proofing, custom shopping carts and print-lab integration, to a host of marketing solutions - including search engine optimization and social media integration. If you already have a website, you know that you'll have to update it at some point, and these guys are able to transfer hosting service while preserving your domain name or links.

Many successful photographers (and PPA members!) have made the switch. Some of those include Damon Tucci, Cr.Photog, Laura Tillinghast, Dan Ballard, Blake Gardner and Terrell Lloyd, Cr.Photog. So you don't have to take our word for it: you can hear it directly from pros who specialize in all types of photography and are all proficiently using the platform. Enough bragging. Want to learn more Zenfolio? Watch a quick video demo or read stories from real Zenfolio users.

Last but not least, here's the important stuff: as a PPA member, there are two discounts to help you jump on the Zenfolio bandwagon:

  • - If you are brand new to Zenfolio, you get 25% off your first year's subscription.

  • - If you already subscribe to Zenfolio, you get 20% off an upgrade to any higher subscription level.

You'll find the discount codes and other Zenfolio-related details on PPA's Year-Round Discounts page. If you are not a PPA member, you are missing out: it really costs you more not to be a PPA member, so consider joining PPA today.

We love hearing from you, so please send us screenshots and your thoughts on how you create or showcase your business online. In the meantime, happy sales! 

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