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More Ways to Get in theLoop

Starting tomorrow (Nov. 1), you'll have even more ways to get in the loop on a variety of subjects. Yep, topic-based communities are being added to theLoop!

These new communities will be a perfect place to focus group discussions around a pressing finance question that's popped up, a new marketing idea you're wondering about, and so much more. Have a special shoot this weekend and unsure of how to handle the lighting? Struggling with a certain action in the latest Lightroom version? Ask your questions in a group dedicated to the subject.

What's more, these new communities will make it even easier to browse through the questions, answers and advice that mean the most to you. Join the Posing Community, for example, and you'll always be connected to the latest discussions surrounding that topic.

So are you ready to form more alliances with like-minded PPA members? Ready to ask questions, give advice and share your best ideas and biggest worries? theLoop is ready for you. Embrace the power of choice!

Join theLoop's New Communities on November 1:

  • Finance
  • Fundamentals
  • Lighting
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Posing
  • Post-Capture
  • Sales

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