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The Boudoir Divas Share Their Dream


Just a few years ago, boudoir photography was seen as "incredibly cheesy with sort of with an '80s glamour shot twist," according to Kimberlee West and Marissa Boucher (also known as the Boudoir Divas). But that old image didn't stop them from creating their own wildly successful version of boudoir...and they're ready to show you how you can glam up your business, too.

"Boudoir is still a largely untapped market opportunity," say the Divas. "We hope that more and more photographers will become interested in boudoir photography, and we'd love to give them some of the tools necessary to get started right now." 

Your next chance to learn is with their PPA webinar, "Boudoir is the New Black: Glamorous, Lucrative & Ridiculously Fun" (March 22, 4pm Eastern). Attendees will get an overview of the business, including how they replaced their Saturday wedding shoots with a Friday "Pin-Up Party"â„¢. Not only do these parties provide a wedding-style income, the Divas also get their weekends back.

Now, they credit their success to two main factors: the belief that all women are interested in such a service and their marketing program. In a sense, it comes down to knowing the market plus creating a plan.

"Whenever we tell women about our job--whether it be our accountant, waitress, a teacher, or even a pastor's wife--we hear the same thing over and over: 'I've always wanted to do something like that!'" explain the Divas. "Boudoir photography is all about making a woman feel beautiful and sexy, and that is why we started shooting boudoir."

One of their biggest hurdles, though, was that cheesy image that lingered around the notion of boudoir. To combat it, the Divas launched a "Boudoir is Back" marketing campaign. Their plan was to give boudoir a "facelift" and to create a new association to the word.

"We have definitely worked hard to remove the old image and prove that boudoir is edgy, sexy and still classy," the Divas add. "We have huge dreams for boudoir photography and for The Boudoir Divas Incorporated. And when most people tell us we're crazy, we remind ourselves that no dream is unreachable."

In fact, the Divas thank Walt Disney for a quote that has stayed with them throughout the years: "I dream, I test my dreams against my beliefs, I dare to take risks, and I execute my vision to make those dreams come true."

Is implementing boudoir photography a dream of your own? Well, tune into the Boudoir Divas' PPA webinar, "Boudoir is the New Black: Glamorous, Lucrative & Ridiculously Fun" (March 22, 4pm Eastern).


I would LOVE to sit in on the webinar! I'd like more info please and thank you =)

Information and registration link is here:

that link to facebook is not the correct link to the correct Boudoir Divas.

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