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Fresh Faces of PPA: Chris Cummins - PPA Today

Fresh Faces of PPA: Chris Cummins

chris_cummins_headshot.jpg"Photography allows a photographer to record the world in a way that can make the extraordinary seem ordinary and the ordinary seem extraordinary," says Chris Cummins of Glow Imagery in Kansas City, Mo. That's one of the reasons he chose this career, for it forces him to "pause, study and record the things that might not otherwise be noticed to have value."

And he has been recording the world for 15 years now.

After graduating with a degree in photojournalism from the University of Missouri, Cummins spent seven years as a photographer for a local newspaper. He eventually became dispirited with the newspaper industry and opened Glow Imagery eight years ago.

"Reinventing my skills, personality and life approach from a dispirited newspaper photographercummins1.jpg to that of a small-business entrepreneurial artist has been one of my biggest accomplishments," adds Cummins about his career shift.

Today, he does many types of portrait work, but his specialty is wedding photography. The skills he learned as a photojournalist have helped him create unique wedding images. "I love discovering relationships, emotions and expressions without posing or prompting my subjects to do anything," explains Cummins. "Wedding photography was a natural fit for those skills."

Like many photographers, Cummins faces the challenge of an over-saturated market full of cheap competitors. One way he overcomes this challenge is by considering sales appointments to be educational sessions, too. "Selling is educating," he adds. "It isn't sleazy--it's a means to help a client make an informed decision."

cummins2.jpgIn addition, Cummins believes that the education he has received since joining PPA in late 2009 has greatly helped his business. "After joining PPA, I took it upon myself to relearn the business of photography and have made so many new discoveries," he says.

"What's more, PPA has helped my career by putting me in touch with a more select group of individuals...individuals who are a little more battle-tested than those I was finding other places," Cummins notes. "I really needed to plug into what Napoleon Hill called a 'Master Mind,' a group of people carefully chosen for their accomplishments, abilities, habits and attitudes.  Surrounding myself with these types of people has helped in my general thought processes and the regular challenges of doing modern photography."

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