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Member Alert: Birthday Photography Scam - PPA Today

Member Alert: Birthday Photography Scam

PPA members in multiple states reported requests for photography services at a child's birthday party through the Find-A-Photographer Search at Based on the similarity of their content and coast-to-coast distribution, we believe these e-mails to be scams.

If you have received e-mails claiming to have noted your affiliation with PPA--and you believe them to be suspicious--please ignore the request and notify PPA's Member Value & Experience team as soon as possible. With your information, we can investigate the e-mail address and notify other members if appropriate.

At present, we have included the following addresses on our blocked senders list:
If you receive a request for a quote or consultation from either e-mail address, we encourage you to delete and ignore it.

The FTC provides good information about protecting yourself from the top ten online scams. PPA also distributed the article, "If a Project Sounds Too Good to Be True, It Just Might Be," which provides tips on addressing e-mail scams. In addition, you can join the conversation about the latest scams on the OurPPA Forums, helping you stay informed and share information with other members.

If you have any questions, please contact PPA at 800-786-6277 or

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