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New Way to Stop Scammers from Reaching PPA Members

To be more proactive in stopping scammers from reaching Professional Photographers of America (PPA) members, PPA has created a moderation queue for the Find-a-Photographer database. With Find-a-Photographer, consumers have the opportunity to "E-mail this photographer." The new moderation queue will help us eliminate e-mails that come from people misusing this privilege.

All attempts to contact members through the online Find-a-Photographer will now come first to PPA staff moderators, who will then approve or reject the message if it appears to be a scam. This will be done on a daily basis. Thanks to this new feature, most of the fraudulent opportunities and scams coming through should be eliminated.

Please note: this won't stop individuals from searching for a photographer's website and contacting that photographer directly.


Wow, what service! I knew there were some photographers struggling with the misuse of the form. I bet they will be very glad to see the spam contacts drop dramatically.

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