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It's Copyright Awareness Month! - PPA Today

It's Copyright Awareness Month!

It's time to educate the greater photography community on your copyrights. You, as an image maker, might even learn a thing or two!


Throughout the month of April, PPA is taking the initiative to educate the industry on copyright compliance. This is to benefit photographers, as such a critical part of your revenues come from printed work, so we need your help!


WHY? They might just be printing whatever comes in and not checking for copyrights. No one wants to infringe the law. You can help them know what they don't know. They will appreciate you helping protect their business, while you will also be protecting your own work!


There are two ways you can do your part and get involved:


1.     Educate photo retailers in your area. We're talking those who print photos for consumers, especially those high volume/low quality retailers. Hint: focus on larger retail chains, where your clients are most likely to have access to self-printing and scanning services. We won't name names, but you get who they are

Sign up to participate in the program. It's easy: As soon as you sign up, we'll send you the "Helpful Tips For Handling Professional Photographs" brochure that you can use as an icebreaker and excuse to visit photo retailers. It's a good leave behind for them too.  (When you sign up, you're committing to visiting at least three).  


As soon as you have dropped off the copyright materials with at least three photo retailers, let us know at We'll notify each corporate headquarters that you get the most up-to-date information on copyright compliance to their local centers.


Don't shrug this one off! Helping photo retailers understand your copyrights will benefit you.

2.     The other initiative PPA is undertaking during this Copyright Awareness month is helping photographers like you understand the basics of copyright with a webinar to review how to protect your images. Even if you already have a firm grasp on your copyright, please consider this as a refresher. You'll gain information on the basic facets of the law, quick tips on maximizing your copyright ownership and how PPA can help you address an infringement.

Are Your Images Protected?
1-hour webinar, Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - 2 pm ET

Maria Matthews, PPA's manager, Copyright & Government Affairs Department


You might feel comfortable with what you are already doing, but the law keeps evolving and you never know what you're missing!  Be more prepared, be more protected, be more aware...  all photographers need (more) copyright protection!

Copyright matters. And as always, PPA has your back. This is your chance to get involved.
Be More.




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