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Introducing Sticky Albums: A New Benefit for PPA Members - PPA Today

Introducing Sticky Albums: A New Benefit for PPA Members

Colorado photographer Tara C. Patty has accomplished what most photographers would giveSticky Albums example album.jpg their right arm--or eye--to achieve: she has convinced several of her clients to carry around albums of her images wherever they go.

Moms heading to the playground have them in their diaper bags. Grandmas cart them to their weekly Bridge game. High school seniors have them on their bodies every waking moment. Literally. What's Tara's secret, you ask? Could it be blackmail? Large pay-offs? An abnormal number of freakishly strong clients? Or could it just be your basic - albeit brilliant - marketing savvy?

Lucky for all other photographers, it's the latter, and PPA members are enjoying this insider's scoop--a Sticky Album's Pro Annual Membership Plan--at a fabulous discount. All active PPA members will be eligible to receive a $60 discount on StickyAlbum's Pro Annual Membership Plan. The Sticky Albums plan allows professional photographers to create custom photo apps for every client complete with their branding, contact information and special promotions to live on clients' personal smart phones or tablets and to be easily shared with others. Simply go to to upload and customize your images, add your contact info and logo, and launch your album to be enjoyed by your clients and all those they come into contact with.

"I would definitely recommend Sticky Albums to other photographers," explains Tara. "The albums I create are great marketing tools and an extra perk for my clients. Clients love them and they've definitely resulted in new business."

Tara finds that her high school senior clients - rarely seen without smart phones and tablets in hand - are an excellent target market for this new tool.

"Seniors like it because they don't have to get on Facebook to show their friends their images," she says. "Moms like them, too, because it's one less thing they have to carry around."

Tara loves them because she's found she can create a gorgeous album for every client in mere minutes. "Once you've done your first album, your logo is in the system. From then on it's just a matter of choosing the images to create a 12-image digital album with my custom templates." She also appreciates the Sticky Album excellent customer service. "I love the sales and marketing suggestions they provide and the online tutorials. It's obvious they definitely understand the photography business."

So, Tara's secret is out. Now it's your turn to create an army of album-toting clients with help from Sticky Albums. PPA members can log on to learn more about Sticky Albums and this exclusive PPA member discount.

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