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Protecting Your Digital Event Images

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PPA member Rick Williams of Four Season Photography in Mobile, Alabama offered us the following advice for protecting your image files when shooting a wedding or event:

  1. Dump your card during the event to a laptop or other device. This will give you an instant backup copy.
  2. Keep the backup device separate from the camera/camera case. If your camera or case is stolen, you will still have one backup.
  3. Never leave cards in the camera. Rick keeps them in his pocket to prevent loss in case of camera theft.
  4. On return to the studio, dump everything onto a computer there and immediately burn a DVD of the event images.
  5. Take the DVD to another secure location.



Great tips for creating backups for photos - although if you're like me, putting a card in your pocket is an invitation to launder it. I prefer a secure zipped pocket in my camera bag. I also use online photo storage (through an online photo proofing software). As for keeping dvd's or hard drives in a separate location, it's a terrific idea - find a photographer friend and swap a box of storage space at each other's studios!

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