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Top February Discussion on theLoop - PPA Today

Top February Discussion on theLoop

By Sarah Ackerman

February might have been a short month, but things were still hopping on theLoop! Check out our top discussions - if they tickle your fancy, log on and join the conversation!

If you're looking to dip a toe in the tethering waters, this is a great thread! Get input on a multitude of options and price points to get you started with wireless wonders. 

Sometimes the pop of a strobe light can spook your four legged clients, so what about continuous lighting? Which brands work (or don't work) in your studio? Weigh in here!

If you regularly sign your prints, this is a great (and simple) thread. What pen do you use? One member is transitioning from signing mats to prints and needs help in finding the perfect writing utensil. Get the scoop here!

If you're looking to get into the sports market, this is an excellent thread for you! Get technical tips and tricks to create better images with the constraints that come with indoor sports like basketball with fluorescent lighting. 

Going paperless can be tough when it comes to model releases, contracts, invoices and so much more! Do you have a favorite business app that helps you cut down on the paper trail? Weigh in! Or just read through the options to give yourself some ideas on how to go green!

As a social media pro, I love this discussion! Is it worth it to have a business page on Facebook? There are pros and cons, but see what your fellow photographers have to say! 

Don't forget, theLoop is PPA's safe and secure online community where members can discuss various photography topics! Not a PPA member? It's easy: join today!

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Sarah Ackerman is known around PPA as #Sarah in part because she handles all things social media and in order to differentiate herself from the other Sarah's in the office. Sarah loves improv comedy (think "Whose Line") and routinely performs around Atlanta. When she's not tweeting/facebooking/instagramming all of the action at PPA, she can be found gallivanting around the world or wandering around the woods with her pup, but more than likely she's on stage making people giggle.

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