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Top April Discussions on theLoop - PPA Today

Top April Discussions on theLoop

Holy moly, it's nearly May! And judging by the top conversations on theLoop, people are looking to do some spring cleaning, invest in new equipment and predict the future! Check out the top conversations on theLoop and join the conversations!

Have you ever cleaned your own sensors or do you usually prefer to rely on professional services? If you're a DIY photographer, this is an excellent thread on the things to consider before you start. 

If you're ever concerned with how to best carry all of your gear, this is a great thread! See what creative solutions your fellow photographers have come up with or share what's worked best for you.

Where is photography heading in the next five years? Read what your fellow photographers are predicting and try your hand at seeing the future! 

Do you use green screens on a regular basis or are you looking to add it to your product offerings? This is an excellent thread on what software to use and how to do it in a timely manner. 

We all know pricing can be tricky, especially when you're entering into a new field! How do you price for a book cover? What sort of image release should you draft up? Read up and weigh in on this awesome thread!

Mirrorless cameras are great for travel! If y have one you love (or hate), jump in and let your fellow photographers know it! 

Don't forget, theLoop is PPA's safe and secure online community where members can discuss various photography topics! Not a PPA member? It's easy: join today!

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