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Scam Alerts, Seeing the Difference and Super Sales: The Top 10 Photography Blogs You Need to Read from the Week of 2/21-27 - PPA Today

Scam Alerts, Seeing the Difference and Super Sales: The Top 10 Photography Blogs You Need to Read from the Week of 2/21-27

By Sarah Ackerman

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Can you believe March is almost here? Where did February go?! In case you haven't been keeping up on your blog reading, here are our top 10 posts on photography from around the internet!

REPUTATION PROTECTION: Scammers have started attacking photographers, threatening us with bad reviews, then offering pricey online reputation management solutions to clear it all up. Read up on what you can do to protect or clean your business reputation here! 

SEE THE DIFFERENCE: Turns out it can happen to anyone - and that's including Jeb Bush. In a photo he posted to commemorate his 41st wedding anniversary, it became clear he had forgone hiring a pro. We're not going to spoil the story here, but just know that his mom's point-and-shoot was his saving glory (kind of). You might want to show the difference hiring a pro makes with this great post from PetaPixel next time you face a client that's unsure about making the investment in hiring a pro!

PRINTS PAY: Peter Lik is back in the news with a New York Time's article on how he makes his millions - by selling prints. We understand the million-dollar-print market isn't in everyone's reach, but it does drive home an important point: regardless of your personal preference for one's style, prints can be an extremely viable revenue stream versus just digital work for professional photographers. 

INSPIRATION: Former Imaging USA speaker Benjamin Von Wong took to the skies with some of our favorite superheroes! Get some super-sized inspiration from these shots, and see how they were captured!  

SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY: We swear spring is right around the corner, and with that comes all of the outdoor sports you can dream about! Check out this great article by Digital Photography School to see how you can improve your action photos from start to finish. 

BOOST YOUR BOTTOM LINE: Former Imaging USA Speaker Jeffrey Shaw is back on the roundup with Jeanna Gabellini. Listen to the podcast and learn how you can turn your everyday business into a full force business machine and as with all of Jeffrey's posts - you'll leave inspired, invigorated and ready to work!

OLD VS. NEW: After a multitude of photographs were disqualified in the World Press Photo competition for aggressive post processing, it sparked a debate on what really constitutes a photograph in this day and age. Check out all sides of the argument and weigh in on where you stand here!

FOR THE LADIES: Jessie Tarbox Beals was in no way America's first female photographer, but she was the first to leave the safety of a studio for the streets of photojournalism. Catch a glimpse of her with her cameras and some of her photographs, plus check out the awesome article from the Library of Congress about her life and work! 

POST PRODUCTION: Ever wonder how to automatically remove objects from Photoshop? It's easier than you might think! Check out this quick tutorial from Fstoppers to speed up your post process workflow!

TURNING PRO: Although this awesome article from Fast Company isn't just for photographers - it's for all creatives - it's a great read to put in perspective how lucky we are to do what we love for a living. It's a worthwhile reminder on how to create a better work - life balance and how to have it all without losing your mind. 

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Sarah Ackerman is known around PPA as #Sarah in part because she handles all things social media and in order to differentiate herself from the other Sarah's in the office. Sarah loves improv comedy (think "Whose Line") and routinely performs around Atlanta. When she's not tweeting/facebooking/instagramming all of the action at PPA, she can be found gallivanting around the world or wandering around the woods with her pup, but more than likely she's on stage making people giggle.

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