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Photography Blog Roundup: Our 10 Favorite Photography Posts From the Week of 2/17-21 - PPA Today

Photography Blog Roundup: Our 10 Favorite Photography Posts From the Week of 2/17-21


It may have been a short week for some with President's Day, but there was still plenty of action in the photography community. Here at PPA, we're devoted to always helping you be more as a professional photographer. With that in mind, here are 10 photography blogs from the week of Feb. 17-21, 2014, that we hope will inspire you.

1). Not Your Typical Time Lapse
Rick Mereki and his team have been creating inspiring videos for some time now. Their award-winning shorts from two years ago, Eat, Learn and Move are still making the rounds on social media. But last month's Mirrorlapse is definitely the trippiest thus far, literally flipping images on top of themselves and moving them through time. It's exhausting! Follow the guys on Facebook and see what they come up with next!

2). Canon vs. Nikon: So What's the Conclusion?
Ah yes, the ultimate argument! The folks over at were brave enough to take it on. You might be surprised by their findings! Read the results.

3). NYC Ballet Enlists Street Art Photographer
What do you do when you're trying to draw new patrons to your ballet theater? Hit the streets! It helps if an award-winning street photographer is out there when you do! The David H. Koch Theater gave French photographer, JR, they keys to their ballet and the results are pretty amazing. Click through to read more and view a behind-the-scenes video. The project certainly isn't a first for JR. In fact, he's done it all over the world. Check out his TED prize-winning talk from 2011 to see what drives him!

4). 41 Reasons You Shouldn't Date a Photographer

Get ready for a laugh, and, well, perhaps some (see: all) of you will be able to relate to this list.

5). Have Your Online Galleries Been Hacked?

Boudoir photographer, Christine Tremoulet, takes on hackers on this post, which applies to any kind of photographer. Unfortunately, your images might not be as protected as you think! Christine has some tips to help. Read the post

6). The Only Thing More Unbelievable Than These Photos Is How They Were Taken
We're sensing a trend lately of climbing really, really tall buildings (generally illegally) in the quest for the perfect shot. We certainly don't advocate it for our thrill-seeking members, but we can sure admire the results of this young woman's soaring passion! Check out these images and don't miss the video: you'll see this adventure photographer perched hundreds of feet up at the top of the Chrysler Building in New York.

7). John Stanmeyer Shares the Story Behind His World Press Photo of the Year

You've probably already seen his astonishing, World Press Photo of the Year, but now you can hear how it came to be right from the creator himself! View the video.

8). BTS: Photographing Kate Upton in Zero Gravity for Sports Illustrated
Perhaps many of you dreamed of photographing for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition one day. Perhaps some of you dreamed of photographing in zero gravity. WHAT?! They did both?! Check out the video for a good laugh, and the images for an impressive result.

9). The 5 Common Mistakes Made By Professional Photographers

Photography Talk came up with these 5 great and easy-to-follow tips to follow to avoid common mistakes. Gotta avoid those potholes! Read the article.

10). These Brilliant Photos of the Lego Man Will Inspire You
Legos are so hot right now. One photographer took a silly idea and really ran with it here. We are really jealous of you, Andrew Whyte. Like, unbelievably, incredibly jealous. Take a look at these incredible photos, and be inspired to have some fun and go create! Take a look.


There you have it, our favorite blog posts of the week! Don't forget that you can share your own blog posts, or others that you have enjoyed, on theLoop.





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