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Our 10 Favorite Photography Blogs of the Week: June 22 - 27 - PPA Today

Our 10 Favorite Photography Blogs of the Week: June 22 - 27

It's Friday, which means it's time for our favorite photography posts of the week! From advice to inspiration, you'll find it all in this collection of posts. Enjoy!

It can be tough breaking into the photography world. Since newbies are rarely welcomed with open arms, Lauren Lim wrote an open letter to explain to them what they are up against and why they shouldn't give up. Granted that some points aren't always as on-point as we'd like them to be, but still, it's a feel-good-letter that'll motivate you right into the weekend!

With all of your summer adventures coming down the pipeline, you might stumble upon some great locations for upcoming sessions. What happens when those great locations are privately owned? The Law Tog walks you through how to negotiate permission and what to include in contracts to make sure you're covered!

Take a walk down memory lane with Kim and A Camera and A Dream to shine some light on why you might think the clients from 2008 are superior, and why you might be wrong.

Referral business is always welcomed--and with these tips from Digital Wedding Forum, you'll never miss out on becoming a venue's first photographer they recommend. See how they'll get you to be first choice at your top locations!

hotographyTalk gives you the points to hit the next time your mother-in-law starts judging your life choice to become a professional photographer. No, it's not a regular job, and yes, you're totally ok with that. 

You don't always have to go big to make a great impact. In this blog from National Geographic, Adam Vorhes (along with the team of engineers at the University of Texas at Arlington) created the world's tiniest* wind turbine, and then let an ant crawl on it. The images and perspective are fantastic. 
*Not confirmed to be the world's tiniest, we're just guessing.

We love a good marketing blog! The folks at Photography Spark have 10 practical ideas you can implement in your business to make your phone start ringing off the hook and increase sales! What will you implement today? 

In a creative rut? Spencer Lum at Ground Glass walks you through why your current patterns are holding you back and what you can do to move past your road blocks. It's a great read for anyone who just feels stuck.

You already know this, but it might be a great share for your clients! Educate them on why ordering from you (and a lab) is epically better than going down to your local corner store for some quick copies. 

If you're planning an epic photography-inspired adventure this summer, this is a must read. Executing the perfect trip takes a lot of forethought. This article from Photography Concentrate is perfect for your peace of mind. 

There you have it! Our 10 favorite posts from around the interwebs. What are your favorite photography blogs? Let us know on theLoop

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