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PPA Today: Inspiration: January 2016 Archives

Inspiration: January 2016 Archives


by James Yates

Being the oldest and largest nonprofit photography association comes with responsibility. Our mission is to not only provide photographers with the education, resources and industry standards of excellence to help them be successful, but to also help consumers see the difference when evaluating photographers. That's why PPA launched an online, print and social media consumer awareness campaign called See The Difference®. 

For the Jan/Feb 2016 issue of Bridal Guide, PPA was called upon to offer the top three wedding photo trends for 2016. You can find us on the bottom right corner of page 5. If you're snowed in and can't make the newsstand, here's some of what we revealed:

  • Photographers are needed for more than just the "big day". They're being asked to be around the whole week!

  • Photo editors are in-demand now for onsite instant retouching and social sharing! 

  • Forget the old superstition about not seeing the bride before the wedding! "Many brides and grooms not only want to see each other before the wedding, they also want to capture those private, connected moments in their photos." 

The 2016 Hottest Wedding Trends issue of Bridal Guide is on sale now! 

See The Difference is a marketing toolset developed for professional photographers, by professional photographers. If you want it, or for more information on how YOU can put See The Difference® marketing resources to work for your business, visit

by James Yates
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Your client's four-legged best friend has a personality and style of their own. They know it by heart, but can they articulate it to others ... say, you, the photographer who will be shooting lasting pictures of their pet? PPA's See The Difference® resources include a fun, shareable quiz, "How is Your Pet's Personality Captured in Photos?" that can help steer them in that direction!

See The Difference is an online, print and social media consumer awareness campaign that aims to help consumers see the difference when evaluating photographers. It was developed for professional photographers by professional photographers and those who are PPA members get access to these FREE marketing tools including shareable videos, customizable brochures, logos, side-by-side comparisons, dedicated landing pages and consumer tips/FAQs.
With the Pet Quiz, your clients can find out, for instance, if their dog is a "Diva" or "Down-to-Earth" and just looks that way. But "pet personality" isn't the only See The Difference® quiz for consumers to try out! You can share quizzes based on Family ("What's Your Family's Style?"), Wedding ("What's Your Bridal Style?"), and High School Seniors ("Will Your Senior Photo Capture the Real You?"). They're all designed to help promote PPA members' value as a professional and better serve their clients.
Go ahead and use these tools or share these quizzes because it is only by exposing consumers to professional grade work that they will learn to see the difference and value professional photography. For more information on how YOU can link to the See The Difference® quizzes from your website, visit

by James Yates

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Because sometimes being an internationally recognized symbol for overcoming adversity just isn't enough and some of you wondered where the connection is, we have been spending the past several weeks helping you get to know Amy Purdy. You'll quickly understand why we're so excited to have her be part of Imaging USA 2016!

Be sure to go back and read our last super-sized post taking a look at Amy's noteworthy television appearances, Then find out about Amy's amazing 2nd place finish on ABC's Dancing with the Stars or check out our post about Amy's non-profit, Adaptive Action Sports

Imaging USA 2016 is HERE and Amy will be with us, Sunday, January 10 at 10am! You'll be with us, right? By now you really don't need any more info to know how amazing Amy is (HELLO! She's a Bronze Medal- winning Olympic athlete!), but we've saved some clips for you just to get you even more excited.  

First up, in 2011, Amy gained international notoriety through her TED talk. This was long before she started working as a motivational speaker and was a huge success, being viewed worldwide nearly 1.2 million times. Consider this clip about drawing inspiration from life's obstacles a preview for what's to come on January 10th! (She'll be inaugurating a whole new presentation for us at Imaging USA!)

Did you know Amy was featured by ESPN as one of their Impact 25, a list of the greatest women athletes for 2015? Her interview is intimate and inspiring and you can read it here

Of course, a year before her fame-making appearance on Dancing With the Stars, Amy first proved herself to be a superstar by winning the Bronze Medal at the 2014 Sochi Winter Paralympics. Host network NBC included Amy in this documentary profile, How to Raise an Olympian, sponsored by P&G.

Finally, if you haven't already, grab yourself a copy of Amy's memoir, On My Own Two Feet: From Losing My Legs to Learning the Dance of Life. Copies will be available before and after her talk because she's doing a book signing right after her keynote speech! We know you're as excited as we are now to meet and be inspired by Imaging USA's 2016 Keynote speaker, the amazing Amy Purdy.

See you there! If you, for some insane reason, haven't registered for Imaging USA 2016 yet, do so here. But hurry! It's THIS weekend! 

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Here is a consumer video for senior yearbook photographers to upload to their website or play on a monitor in their waiting room. This video was created to help seniors and their parents see the value in hiring a PPA senior yearbook photographer.  In this video, PPA senior yearbook photographers descend upon a high school senior class at the start of their final year. High school seniors are shown sharing their stories and talking about why it's so important to hire a pro. PPA photographers talk about the importance of being prepared and on task so they can spend time helping seniors and their parents feel comfortable in front of the camera. 

See The Difference is an online, print and social media consumer awareness campaign that aims to help consumers see the difference when evaluating photographers. PPA photographers get access to a FREE marketing toolkit that includes shareable videos, customizable brochures, logos, side-by-side comparisons, dedicated landing pages and consumer tips/FAQs. 

Watch and share this video with your clients to help them See The Difference when choosing a senior photographer! For more information on See The Difference marketing resources, visit

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