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PPA Today: Inspiration: October 2015 Archives

Inspiration: October 2015 Archives

By guest writer Kira Derryberry, CPP

A few years back I had a new, but steadily growing business on my hands. During the holidays due to time constraints, I found myself having to turn down a few jobs. I didn't want to just say no and not give the client a good alternative. But I didn't know any of my peers here in town to refer them to. In fact, I was kind of afraid of the other photographers in town. I had photographer friends in other cities, but the ones here in town were my direct competition. I was afraid they would be super competitive. I was afraid they were already in some kind of clique. I was afraid they didn't like me, even though none of them had met me. At that point I had only met one photographer in town. She had photographed my daughter at a new moms' event a couple of years before I opened my business. She was really nice, and I knew she was a great photographer, so I began referring a couple of these inquiries to her.

What followed was a thank you email from that photographer and an invitation to breakfast where she urged me to join the Tallahassee Professional Photographers Guild, which I would later find out was an affiliate of the state organization, Florida Professional Photographers and national Professional Photographers of America (PPA). We sat there for hours and chatted, I told her my fears about joining, worried that people wouldn't like my work, etc. She insisted that I'd be completely welcome and that not only would I meet everyone and see that it was no big deal, but also I'd be able to continue my education with the monthly speakers that came through and through print competition. 

I put on my big girl pants and went to the next meeting. Surprise! It wasn't at all how I envisioned it. Everyone introduced themselves. People who I had long time respected and admired were incredibly cool, not catty. And there was beer! Why in the world had I not been coming to this all along?

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