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Improve Efficiency with ArcSoft Software (& a PPA Discount) - PPA Today

Improve Efficiency with ArcSoft Software (& a PPA Discount)

If you're a professional photographer (and especially if you own your own business), you probably know how precious your time is. Whenever you improve your efficiency, it's a good thing, right? Well, what if we told you there were software products that could help double the speed of your workflow...without cloning yourself?

We're talking about ArcSoft Inc., a U.S.-based software developer offering both image and multimedia processing software solutions. There are many options out there, but when a good one with a special discounted price comes along, we are always happy to share the love. ArcSoft has been serving professional photographers with products like this for years, and they've just joined us here as one of PPA's discount partners to offer our members 25% off their products!

Here's a little more about them:
By integrating its innovative software into popular and professional cameras manufactured by the industry leaders, ArcSoft software has been accepted by a group of talented pro photographers. (And we bet that you'll be among their groupies soon.)

Portrait+, their flagship product this year, is professional photo retouching software that is especially useful for portraits (as its name might hint). Designed for pros who need to spend a lot of time in post-production, Portrait+ is able to batch-process dozens of photos in a minute with all details preserved. Portrait+ is very user-friendly, adopts ArcSoft's proprietary facial detection technology, and provides customized styles and up to 20 pre-set styles to simplify the complicated process of portrait retouching. It also has an Adobe Photoshop plug-in version, which can be perfectly integrated into your current workflow. Oh, and no special training is needed. Ever!

And that's just ONE of their products.

Here's a reminder of the icing on the cake: To celebrate their cooperation with PPA, ArcSoft now offers a discount price of 25% off for PPA members! Get your special website link and discount code here.  

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