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XP PhotoGear Announces Two New Revolutionary Products at Imaging USA - PPA Today

XP PhotoGear Announces Two New Revolutionary Products at Imaging USA

XP PhotoGear will release two new products at Imaging USA: AirBox and Z Pro Bracket. Both products will be displayed at Arlington Camera, Booth 453. The AirBox is the first wind-resistant softbox, utilizing wind tunnel technology with light dispersion technology, giving the photographic industry the first wind resistant light modifier on the market.

The internal air flow system guides the air through the box - the open holes in the front allowxp_airbox_blog.jpg air to flow through the softbox. Users can regulate air flow by opening and closing the air vents on the side of the softbox as needed. As you open the vents, you are also regulating the light value of the softbox. The inner air flow baffle helps provide light dispersion throughout the box. Remove the inner baffle and create a hot spot with a vignette.

The AirBox is a standard 24x32 studio softbox that can easily and quickly be converted to a wind resistant softbox for outdoor or location photographers/videographers.

The Z Pro Bracket system will utilize current studio light modifiers for location photography. With custom designed adaptor plates, lighting accessories from Profoto, Photogenic, Norman, Aurora, Westcott, Bowen, Interfit, and Cheetah can easily be attached to the Z Pro Bracket. The Z Pro Bracket is compatible with all flash systems such as Nikon, Canon, Quantum, Olympus and is fully functional, adaptable and specifically designed to work with most wireless receivers, such as Pocket Wizard TT5, and many others.

There is virtually no limit to off camera flash modifiers that can be used with the Z Pro Bracket system. It will allow photographers and videographers to easily take their studio lighting equipment on location.

xp_zpro_blog.jpgThe Z Pro Bracket works with all major brand studio accessories.

The AirBox and Z Pro Bracket systems will be among the products showcased at Arlington Camera Booth 453 during Imaging USA, January 15-17 in New Orleans.

XP PhotoGear is a photographic distribution company based in Fort Worth, TX. It serves all photographers seeking 21st century innovation and inspiration. Products include: AirBox, Z Pro Bracket, Spike Extensions, Focus X Band, and all LiteShaper products. For more information contact the company at 817-726-4781 or visit them online at

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