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Wedding Classes to Improve Your Business at Imaging USA 2018 - PPA Today

Wedding Classes to Improve Your Business at Imaging USA 2018

Imaging USA 2018 is almost here and PPA has so much planned for you, including a variety of classes covering as many topics as you can think of!

In order for you to get the most out of your experience in Nashville, we created tracks that you can easily follow if you have an area you specifically want to concentrate on. So, if you are mainly interested in learning the necessary techniques and business strategies needed to be successful in wedding photography, the Wedding track is for you!

With these classes, you will learn how to creatively capture the essence of an individual and increase your sales while you're at it. You will get tips on adventure weddings, lighting and much more. 

The Wedding classes include:

Session Time: Sunday, Jan. 14, 8:00 am 

This class will rock your world! It's time to put on your seat belts and take a deep breath as you challenge yourself and your talent! Experience photography on a whole new level - one where your heartbeat goes up with excitement and your couples go home with epic stories and amazing photos to share. During this class, explore the high-adrenaline, fast-paced world of adventure wedding photography. You will discuss how to direct and pose your couples in any location. Discuss wilderness and safety do's and don'ts and learn how to pack your equipment for your on-the-go adventure. Instructor Charleton Churchill even teaches branding and marketing so you can promote this new genre of wedding photography. Whether you're on the highest mountain or in someone's backyard, this presentation is one you won't want to miss. Be inspired by the images, videos, and stories you'll hear and walk away ready to lead your couples on an experience they'll talk about for years to come.  This course is not for the faint of heart, so leave your inhibitions behind and come ready to soar!

Session Time: Sunday, Jan. 14, 5:00 pm  

There is no question that weddings are challenging. However, with the right knowledge, they don't have to be. Like all photography, wedding photography is based on light, and with the right lighting techniques, you can capture beautiful images in any situation. The challenge with lighting in wedding photography is that you have to remain mobile while remaining within a small footprint. In this class, Michael Anthony will show you how to turn any location into a studio and create dynamic photos for all of your couples. You'll learn how to prepare for each wedding day and how to be ready for any scenario that may happen. After this class, you will understand how to create beautifully-lit images with minimal equipment. Michael will even discuss some of the challenges and tricky lighting situations in which you are bound to find yourself - and how to overcome these! You'll walk away with solid lighting techniques and the confidence to capture amazing images each and every time!

Speaker: Jerry Ghionis
Session Time: Tuesday, Jan. 16, 8:00 am with 

More and more wedding photographers have stopped providing a physical product for their clients. In a world of jpegs and digital results, this course takes you back to the art of creating one-of-a-kind printed wedding albums that clients will treasure. Jerry Ghionis has a compelling way to show you the importance of education so that everyone - both you and your clients alike - can understand the legacy that a printed wedding album becomes. Take this class! It will help you see how to overcome sales objectives and persuade your clients to step away from just "getting the CD." Jerry Ghionis has won more wedding album awards than any other photographer, and he shares what inspires him and how he creates his masterpieces. Learn how to do it the way he does; learn how he turns his clients buying a printed wedding album into a no-brainer!

You can find these classes in the Wedding track on the Imaging USA schedule. Don't forget to register for Imaging USA 2018, January 11-16 in Nashville, TN. We hope to see you there!


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