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The PRINT for Success Theatre on Imaging USA's Expo Floor - PPA Today

The PRINT for Success Theatre on Imaging USA's Expo Floor

Understanding how to market printed products to your customers can be difficult for photographers, but PPA wants to help! 

The PRINT for Success Theatre at Imaging USA offers short-format sales training workshops on how to make more money selling printed products. If you're interested in encouraging your clients to purchase more printed works, this room is for you. The marketing tips provided in these sessions are sure to get your clients excited about the print movement, and buying printed products in no time.

Stop by the PRINT for Success Theater and join a comprehensive sales session, get information about how to price and market printed products to your clients, and show them the value of printed photography. The sessions will be held in 30-minute intervals during Expo hours. 

The best part is, the PRINT for Success Theatre is free to Imaging USA attendees with an Expo pass! So, if Print photography is something you want to incorporate into your business, be sure to make the print exhibit a part of your expo floor plan. In addition to the print exhibit, use the official print resources page to help apply print products to your photography business. 

Don't pass up this opportunity to soak up all of the information industry experts can offer you exclusively at Imaging USA. If you want to attend all of Imaging USA's classes, parties, and events, purchase an All-Access Pass! 

This Imaging USA will be one you won't want to miss! It's full of exhibitors and showcases that you won't want to miss! Visit to get a full list of the exhibit floor, and plan out your expo route in advance!


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