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Testify! The Word on the Street About Imaging USA... - PPA Today

Testify! The Word on the Street About Imaging USA...

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Imaging USA is the world's largest pro-photography convention designed to assist photographers in their business endeavors. It's an extremely special event in the photographic arts community! For the 10,000+ professional photographers that attend every year, the event presents the opportunity to develop relationships with peers, gain insight into the latest industry techniques and equipment, and most importantly, have fun while improving your craft. With hundreds of classes, experienced speakers, ceremonies and parties, the IPC Exhibit, and the PPA staff there to guide you, the possibilities are endless at Imaging USA. The best part is it's all about your passion!

For first-timers, all of the buzz surrounding this massive event could be intimidating, but don't be shy; we want to see you there! After attending Imaging USA you'll understand how supportive the photographic arts community is, and that you're not in the business alone.

Check out what these Imaging USA attendees had to say about their experience!

"Had such a great time at Imaging USA! My brain is so stuffed with new information, it's gonna take at least a day or two to decompress. Feeling incredibly inspired by all the great speakers and can't wait to bring fresh new technique and perspective to the studio." - @dnsachs

"We also met Sue Bryce. She is so inspiring. We learned so much from her and she had us laughing and crying. If ever there were a speaker to evoke emotion, she definitely hit the nail on the head. Imaging USA was such a spectacular learning experience and I can't wait to go again next year." - @playtimeportraits

"Leaving my first Imaging USA. I am leaving here a different photographer, different businessman, and different person. Thank you PPA!" - @cloverboy42

"All I can say is, you guys know how to throw an event. My second Imaging experience, but my first to be able to go to classes. I'm inspired, I'm flying high!! Thank you so much! GREAT speakers! My friends and I are already planning for San Antonio!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!" - @DebiTaylorAllen 

"My first visit to Imaging USA at Georgia World Congress Center was spectacular!  It's scary to think how I almost missed this great opportunity to learn and network with other photographers.  Thank goodness passes were still available for the EXPO which is the only event I was able to attend... but will certainly plan next year for all 3 to 5 days. And of course I brought my camera to capture some of the highlights." - Robin Lori

Reading about all of the events, opportunities, and fun at Imaging USA doesn't compare to getting a first-hand experience for yourself. You have to see it to believe it! Imaging USA 2017 will be held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX from January 8-10, 2017. Head over to to register for Imaging USA 2017, check out some of the classes you can attend, and plan your trip to San Antonio. Join us on this non-stop train of pro-photography fun! We can't wait to see you in January! 

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