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Successful Senior Imaging USA

peters_larry_headshot_blog.jpgPhotography may not be a get-rich-quick scheme, but with business smarts, you can grow your sales into a tidy sum! Just look at Larry Peters, M.Photog.MEI.Cr., an Imaging USA instructor who has been a senior photographer for over 35 years. Today, his Peters Photography business has grown to include three studios in Central Ohio with gross sales of over $2 million per year.

Larry will show Imaging USA attendees how he's accomplished such success during his "Successful Senior Sales with Little Effort" class on January 17.

Starting Out
Larry was originally attracted to the photography business while serving as the faculty advisorpeters1.jpg to a high school newspaper. He taught the kids to use the camera for the newspaper...then got hooked and started photographing students, weddings and portrait work himself.

While his studio today also does children and family portraits, high school seniors are Larry's specialty. "I feel I've developed my own style photographing seniors and am still coming up with new and better ways to do the job that I still love!"

His ability to innovate in this way is just the skill that has helped grow his success.  In fact, Larry was one of the first photographers to do outdoor senior portraits way back in 1973. He also popularized the use of projection and large packages for senior sales in 1980.

Larry was also one of the first photographers to shoot seniors in black-and-white high contrast and to use white-on-white photography. He also invented the "Eyelighter" photography reflector in 1990, which helps give a "glamour" look to senior portraits.

"I love developing ideas that have not previously been done with seniors over the years," he explains.

Making the Sale
peters3.jpgOne idea that is not new--just not often understood--is the value of photography. When it comes to selling their senior photographs, Larry says that many photographers undervalue their work. That's one of the challenges he'll help you overcome during his Imaging USA class.

"I think I can help my peers learn why it is so important to charge the proper price for their work," he says. "Plus, I can show them a proven method for getting larger sales from seniors!"

As you can see, Larry loves to share his innovations and knowledge! He has authored two books on senior photography and regularly speaks on the subject at photographic events like Imaging USA and the Texas School, where he has taught a class for 20 years.

Don't miss out on your chance to learn from this accomplished senior photographer!

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